Current Series

We Are The Church

The church is more than a building. It is people following Jesus together!

Been There

Have you ever been hurt by a friend? Jesus has. Maybe you feel like God isn't listening? Jesus knows what that’s like. No matter what you’re facing, Jesus understands because He’s Been There.

It is Not What You Think

Instead of rescuing us from the world, God wants us to be part of his plan to restore the world. The Bible is about becoming more alive!

Learning to Grow

Having accepted the call to become a disciple and to help others become disciples, we now begin to understand what we don’t know. Or rather we embrace what we have to learn.

Healthy Relationships

When people can respect and accept their differences, love has a chance to blossom.

Well Watered

Discovering the well of God's word rooted in truth, growing in grace, and flourishing in faith

We May Be One

Let's focus on the restoration of unity in the church so all people feel welcome. 

Practice Hope

Practicing hope offers inspiration to help people create meaning and purpose.

Christmas 2022

A celebration of Jesus' birth in a night filled with drama offering a great hope for the future!



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