Current Series

Into An Amazing World

Jesus says his followers are the salt of the earth. Yet, Christians struggle with this call to be active in the world as witnesses of Christ. How do we cut through fear and guilt to authentically communicate our faith?

Well Watered

Discovering the well of God's word rooted in truth, growing in grace, and flourishing in faith

We May Be One

Let's focus on the restoration of unity in the church so all people feel welcome. 

Practice Hope

Practicing hope offers inspiration to help people create meaning and purpose.

Christmas 2022

A celebration of Jesus' birth in a night filled with drama offering a great hope for the future!

Sacred Moments

We can create sacred moments in our lives by inviting faith conversations into our daily activities. 

Based on "Faithful Families Creating Sacred Moments at Home" by Traci Smith.

The Way of Gratitude

Thankfulness, appreciation, and gratitude are spiritual aspects of being that build joy. A spirituality of gratitude changes our lives and the lives of others, so make gratitude a part of daily life.

A Lasting Relationship

Feel disconnected from your spouse or partner? Struggle to keep your relationship fresh? It's easy to fall in love. The challenging part is keeping that spark alive while you and your partner deal with "the real world."

True Worth

Your true worth is defined by God's love for you. We must discover who we are and what we’re made of in order to move forward in all God wants us to become—in business, in the church, in our families, in our communities, and beyond.



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