Breakthrough Prayers

The Story: The Heart of the Story
Mar 17, 2019

God of the Incarnation,

You came to live among your creation, teaching your truths, modeling compassion and offering the gift of salvation. As one inclined to walk in darkness, I thank you for birthing your light in my life. Compel me to love and care for my neighbors the way you do. Break through my study of Scripture, helping me to lean in when I come across something in the text that doesn’t sit right with me, or someone whose viewpoint differs from my own. Remind me that new understandings, new expressions of life and resurrection are always possible. You are the heart of my story and the beat of my heart.


Breakthrough Prayers

The Story: Are We Listening?
Feb 03, 2019

Creator God,

Like a parent who loves and only wants the best for their child, you care for me. And like the independent and rebellious teen who “knows best,” I give more time and attention to my plans and desires than I give to you and your wisdom. Break through my heart and mind, encouraging me to pursue a real relationship with you. Open my ears to listen, my eyes to see and my hands to both receive and give. This I pray in the name of Jesus.


Breakthrough Prayers

The Story: Unsatisfied
Jan 06, 2019

O God, you are the Alpha and the Omega; the beginning and the end. The sun rises and sets because of you. You are the author of all that is and ever will be. Everything I am and everything I have is a result of your generosity, creative Spirit and love for me. In you, I place my gratitude. Why, then, is it so hard for me to keep you at the center of my heart, my thoughts and my desires? Instead of contentment, I hunger for more…. Break through the walls of self-centeredness, fear, lust, loneliness, greed and any other barrier that might be keeping me from recognizing your sufficiency in my life. Help me to remember that your grace is enough. Today, I recommit myself to you. Amen.

Breakthrough Prayers

No Invitation Required
Dec 02, 2018

Jesus, Emmanuel,

The holiday season is always accompanied by a bit of chaos and too much to do. I pray that your Spirit will break through my heart, mind, schedule, shopping expeditions, baking, decorating, gift-wrapping and year-end deadlines, that I might be grounded in the faith you began in me long ago. It isn’t just any faith, it’s a welcoming, loving, forgiving, saving and resurrecting faith; it’s the stuff of miracles! So as I prepare for Christmas, reawaken my faith in you and in the truth that matters most: Jesus Christ will be born again!  This is reason to celebrate!


Breakthrough Prayers

The Story: Victory Against All Odds
Oct 28, 2018

Dear God,

Though I often prioritize my own preferences and desires, your plans, dreams and hopes for me are ultimate story I want to live. When I think the odds are stacked against me, break through the narrative I tell myself, reminding me that Christ is the true source of my victory—always and forever. May your Spirit work within me, enabling me to sense and trust your triumphant presence in profound ways. Help me to say YES to loving and feeding my community in body and spirit, that all may experience your victory.


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