Breakthrough Prayers

Jun 17, 2018

Compassionate Christ,

I believe that prayer strengthens our relationship and seek your help in making it a priority. Guide and break through my prayer life, that I might know what and for whom I should pray. Increase my confidence in my ability to pray silently and aloud. Use my life for astonishing and refreshing purposes—all for the sake of your kingdom. This I pray in your powerful and redemptive name.


Breakthrough Prayers

The Greatest Showman
May 27, 2018

Holy Jesus,

If all of life is a show, you are the greatest showman.
Grant me a part in your redemptive drama and
break through the barriers that keep me from
surrendering fully to the role you have picked out
for me. Help me to be brave, despite being bruised,
for I am who I’m meant to be—your glorious creation!
Use me and use the church to bring your light to
people living in the shadows. Empower us to come
alive in this, your greatest show!


Breakthrough Prayers

Belong, Behave, Believe
Apr 08, 2018

Eternal Christ.

You are the source of our belonging. You are the one in whom we place our belief. We pray that our behavior will be grounded in your character and teachings. This Easter season. Break through our insecurities. Doubts and sins. Empower us to live into our identity as children of god. Inspire. Energize and Grow Community United Methodist church so that all may experience. Exhibit and know your unending love. In your holy name we pray.


Breakthrough Prayers

Surprise the World
Mar 11, 2018

Holy and Faithful Christ,

These Lenten days will take us to the foot of the cross. Once again, we will be confronted with your sacrifice and humbled by your love. Remind us that we do not walk this path alone, for we are part of a larger movement to bring about your reign on earth. Break through the routines of our lives and the status quo of your church, surprising us with your Spirit and prompting us to faith-filled action. Stir up in us the desire to be changed from the inside out, that we might reflect your image to the world.


Breakthrough Prayers

New Year, New Beginnings
Jan 07, 2018

God of New Beginnings,

Thank you for this new year and for the gift of each new day.  With every dawn comes the opportunity to co-create with you; to continue the story we author together.  And so I ask that you break through the darkened corners of my life with the light of your love.

When I am hurt, remind me of your unending grace and grant me the courage to forgive. Where I feel shame, strengthen my confidence and belief in your love for me. When I experience jealousy or anger, enable me to find in or believe the best of my neighbor. When I feel despair, rekindle a sense of hope within. Where I know grief or sadness, bring joy—even small doses, that my heart might sing again.

I cannot change the past but I do have a say in my future.  Embolden me to take the first steps toward living the life I want—the life you desire for me.

In Jesus’ name I pray.


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