Breakthrough Prayers

A Resilient Faith
May 09, 2021

Dear Jesus,

You are the embodiment of resilience. When you saw people in need, you never questioned the opportunity to help and heal. When you were dismissed and betrayed, it didn’t stop you from speaking God’s truth. When you were mocked and inflicted with pain, you responded with forgiveness. And when the world thought you had been silenced for good, you rose from the grave, offering resurrection and hope for humanity. So help me to take the high road and presume the best of my neighbor. Remind me that the worst thing is never the last thing, for the Son will continue to rise. Plant within me a spirit of resilience, that I might gratefully live into your promises. May my life be a reflection of your love.


Breakthrough Prayers

Never Going Back
Apr 11, 2021

Holy Spirit, come. Stir in my heart this day, that I may find comfort, support and a nudge from you to attend to the swirling changes in life with grace. While I might long to relive moments from my past, you call me to step forward and experience new life. Break through my insecurities, anxiety and fear, and instill in me a sense of hope. Remind me that together, we’ve got this. I am yours and you are mine. Amen.

Breakthrough Prayers

Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times
Feb 21, 2021

Loving God,

Fill my heart with the love that you freely give. Make love my first and last thoughts. May I love others and freely give to them. Break through and make my spirit one of joy, happiness and love for my friends, those I struggle to consider my friends, the friends I have yet to meet and those around the globe who are friends in spirit. Help me love abundantly as you have loved me.


Breakthrough Prayers

Developing a Relationship with God: A Throwback to Psalms
Jan 17, 2021

Dear God,

You are the architect of the universe and more than I could possibly comprehend. And still, you desire a relationship with Me. ME!   (pause)   I want to know you and be known by you. I want our relationship to matter deeply. So break through the barriers that make it difficult for me to surrender to your Spirit. Break open my heart, that I might receive your love and grace in profound ways. May the Psalms I read and our time together in prayer be formative for my soul. In Jesus’ name, I pray.


Breakthrough Prayers

Those Who Dream
Nov 29, 2020

Ultimate Dreamer,

I am in awe of your majesty and humility. Every day you dream up and continue the work of creation. This holiday season, plant your dreams in the womb of my spirit. Birth anew the dreams I have neglected. Infuse new life in my soul once more, that I might live in the rhythm of your breath. Dear God, beckon me to the manger once again to see with wonder the promise, the dream made flesh, who dwelt among us. And use me to prepare the way of the lord, for Christ WILL be born again!


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