Community United Methodist Church is located in Monticello, nearly halfway between St. Cloud and Minneapolis. We are a growing church with strong professional and lay leadership.

 STAFF VALUES (how we interact with others and do our work):

  • We direct energy and resources toward high priority, mission-focused objectives that exhibit passion, potential, readiness and commitment.
  • We build trust and responsibility through transparency and information sharing.  We work collaboratively and collegially.  We presume the best of each other, remembering that we are on the same team trying to accomplish the same goals.
  • How we treat one another is as important as what we do and accomplish together.  Whenever we gather, whatever our work, we do it as the body of Christ.
  • We practice the Rule of Christ and adhere to the Community United Methodist Church grievance policy. If we disagree with the staff member or lay person who is leading an initiative or meeting, we covenant to share our comments and concerns with him/her privately.
  • We support the mission and pastoral leadership of the church.
  • We embrace change that will help us better connect with new people, generations, people groups, and the changing culture. When forced to choose, our preference will always be for what ensures our future instead of preserving our past.

Currently, there are no open positions.


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