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Those Who Dream

Psalm 126 opens with the words, “When the Lord restored the fortunes of Zion, we were like those who dream.” What does it look like to live as those who dream?

The Advent and Christmas seasons are for the dreamers in all of us—those who dream of deeper connection with God and those who dream of a better world, those who dream of comfort and those who have given up on their dreams, those whose dreams have been crushed and those who show us that dreams take time. Join us this holiday season as we dream alongside prophets and angels, Mary and the Magi. Step into the mystery and awe of God’s dreams as we seek to sow them for our world.

The Story: Victory Against All Odds

Have you ever been the last one picked, felt like life chewed you up and swallowed you whole for breakfast, or even hit rock bottom? Life doesn’t always go as planned, and biblical stories of divine intervention may seem far-reaching when compared with our own experiences. But if the God of the Hebrew Bible is the same God that we believe in today, might victory be possible for us???

The Story: Hope in the Darkness

Darkness: the space ridden with tension, uncertainty and that which is unknown. The earliest Bible stories tell us that God's people have known darkness from the beginning. Each of us has gone through difficult times and none of us has all the answers. But let us not forget that God lives in the light and dwells in the dark. God even created the separation of light from darkness. What if truth and purpose can be found in the dark? Join us as we seek out the hope that always accompanies darkness in the story of God.

Stand Alone Sermons

Stand alone sermons are messages that are not part of a specific sermon series.

Hi Neighbor: Spiritual Lessons with Mister Rogers

Most of us grew up watching Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood or watched along as our children or even grandchildren did. He treated all people with genuine care and respect on and off camera, and was careful to tell his viewers that they were special during every episode. His television show offered a significant ministry to children that focused on basic principles of the Christian faith: forgiveness, kindness, compassion and respect. Hop aboard the proverbial trolley and join us for a ride through the neighborhood as we delve further into the spirituality of Fred Rogers as it intersects with the teachings of Jesus.


Prayer. Why is this 6-letter word so comforting and yet so intimidating at the same time? Why and how do you pray? Does prayer change things? Does prayer change God? If God knows our every prayer before we even speak it, what is the purpose of prayer? Join us for a new series on prayer as we wrestle with these and other important questions, discover what the Bible says about prayer and learn new ways to connect with God in prayer.

The Greatest Showman

If all of life is a show, what is your role?  Do you put on an act? Are you more of a spectator in your own life?  Jesus captured people's attention.  He knew how to draw a crowd and his ministry changed lives.  Come and discover what Scripture has to say about living the greatest show and learning from the greatest showman the world has ever known.



Belong, Behave, Believe

When thinking about what it is that makes someone a Christian, we tend to start with "belief."  Someone confesses faith in Jesus, learns what is expected of his/her behavior as a Christian and finds belonging in community with other believers.  Here's the thing:  Jesus didn't operate that way, nor does that trajectory work for everyone on the outskirts of the church today.  Join us this Easter season as we explore the ways in which Jesus modeled a gospel of homecoming, demonstrating the basic need for and power of belonging--even before we know all that we believe or how we are to behave.

Surprise the World

Since it's inception, Christians have joined in God's kingdom work by living out their faith.  Their surprising words, actions and attitudes have alerted people in our communities to the reign of God.  Unfortunately, the world at large isn't surprised by Christians anymore. Perhaps rediscovering with intentional regularity, the practices of blessing, eating, listening, learning and serving will change all of that...

*Series is based on Surprise the World:  The Five Habits of Highly Missional People, by Michael Frost

Ash Wednesday

Today, we begin the season of Lent: a 40-day journey (not counting Sundays) to Easter. Lent is a time of repentance, preparation, self-examination and reflection as we remember the 40 days Jesus spent in the wilderness before the start of his public ministry.





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