Committees & Teams

We would love for you to get involved in Community life! You can do so in a variety of ways. Take a look at the teams and committees that make Community buzz. Have an ministry that you don’t see but want to start? Email


Administrative Council
The leadership team of CUMC who oversees the mission and ministry of the church. It is comprised of the pastor, Administrative Council Chair and the chairs/leads of all standing committees and teams.

Chair: Jacque Gordon

Staff/Parish Relations Committee
A group designed to support, evaluate and confer with the pastor and staff around effectiveness and relationships in ministry.

Chair: Kevin Jepson

Those charged with the oversight, supervision and care of all property owned or acquired by the church.

Chair: Brad Johnson

Finance Committee
A group of individuals committed to overseeing the budget and financial stewardship of the church.

Chair: Doug Warneke

Memorial Team

Those who tend to the financial gifts given in memory of past Community members.

Team Lead: Elaine Schroeder

Hospitality Team
Persons engaged in the welcoming ministries on Sunday mornings such as ushers and greeters.

Team Lead: Gloria Rowe

Caring Ministries Team
A group steadfast in its efforts to minister to the congregation as needs arise (e.g. meal coordination, prayer shawls, caring cards, transportation).

Team Lead: Jacque Gordon

Mission Coordinator
Our primary point person for ministries related to sharing the love of Christ through our service to others.

Team Lead: Gail Anderson

United Methodist Women (UMW) 
An organization of women who engage in service to benefit women, children and youth around the world.

President: Su Johnson


MCCI Teams

MCCI is comprised of a flight of churches each year that have been recommended by the cabinet as meeting this specific criteria, and then are prayerfully selected and invited by the Bishop to participate. For congregations that sign the MCCI covenant, a 2-3 year process is launched that includes:

  • Concentrated new ministry leadership skills training each month for the pastors in the Initiative (80 plus hours total throughout the year, along with accountability for implementation back home at their churches)
  • "Undercover Worshippers" who visit and worship at each of the churches in the MCCI, and then provide extensive feedback about their experiences
  • A detailed self-study completed by each church, including history, finances, staffing, organization, ministry activities and demographic setting
  • An MCCI on-site consultation provided by the MCCI Team that culminates in a consultation report with unique "prescriptions" (recommendations), or next steps the church needs to take to move from plateau/decline into jumpstarting new fruitfulness

View Full MCCI Report


Our MCCI Teams have been consolidated as a result of our progress thus far:


Website/Social Media and Visual Identity Team
A team dedicated to establishing a distinctive look and visual identity for the church, launching a new website, strengthening our social media presence and maintaining digital and tangible promotional materials for the church.

Chair: TBD

Guest Readiness Team 
A team committed to establishing a reliable and effective system of welcome, follow-up and steps toward connection for all guests of Community UMC.

Co- chair: Ash-Leigh Vagle & Pam Dane

Worship Team
A team dedicated to enriching our traditional and contemporary Sunday worship experiences. Special focus areas include creative brainstorming and ongoing prayer efforts.

Co-chairs: Tara Rosh & Deb Presser

Facility Enhancement Team
A team formed to: upgrade the Sanctuary sound system, improve interior and exterior church signage, update the interior of the church building and develop a plan for space optimization resulting in adequate group and class meeting areas. Note: sub-teams exist to address each of the focus areas as needed.

Co-chairs: Bryan Tungland and Brad Johnson

Congregational Care Team
a team committed to providing ongoing visitation and response for church families who desire spiritual support, prayer, assistance and/or connection through times of struggle, illness, aging, transition and crisis.

Chair: TBD

Children, Youth and Family Ministries Team
A team developed to strategize and implement plans to enhance and grow ministry to children and youth and their families.

Co-Chairs: Jay Olson and Lynn Pasbrig


Research Team to Explore Worship Service for Families with Children
A team will be formed to devise a plan to reach the many churchless families with children in the church's surrounding mission field.

Co-chairs: TBD


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