Animating Faith: Pixar Illuminates Scripture

Jul 07, 2019 | Rev. Carrie Binnie

No More (9 AM)

None of the ants in Pixar's A Bug's Life ever anticipated that Flik would be instrumental in freeing them from the oppressive hold of the grasshoppers. Similarly, Moses never expected that God would  partner with him to free the Israelites. Yet, that is exactly what happened. With God, it's not about who each of us is, but who God is. What matters most is that God has chosen and has great plans in store for all of us!

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When Pixar released Toy Story, the world of animation changed forever, bringing with it films we’ve come to love and cherish. Deep within the storyline of each Pixar film are traces, if not overt messages that are also found in the Bible. This summer, bring your imagination and creativity as we seek to understand Scripture with fresh eyes and animate our faith in new ways. God has the power to take us To infinity and beyond!


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