The Story: Are We Listening?

Feb 17, 2019 | Rev. Carrie Binnie

Life in Exile (11 AM)

Though the remnant from Jerusalem lived in exile, it was King Nebuchadnezzar who lived in a self-imposed exile of the heart. His words and actions took him far from the hopes and desires of God. With the help of the prophet Daniel, however, the king was able to return to the one true God who always awaits our return. Join us as we study Scripture and consider three big questions about whether or not we might effectively be living in exile and operating apart from God.

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Throughout the Hebrew Bible, we’ve read about the doubts, temptations, mistakes and violence of God’s people, followed by the forgiveness God inevitably grants them. It has begun to feel like an endless cycle; a playlist on repeat.

Here’s the thing: we continue to select the same songs today! Why is it so hard for us to change our ways?

Join us for a new sermon miniseries, Are We Listening?, as we consider how different life might sound if we tune our ears to the will of God.


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