The Story: Unsatisfied

Nov 25, 2018 | Rev. Carrie Binnie

Hunger for Honor (9 AM)

Most of us have heard the story of David and Goliath, where a young shepherd boy fells a giant with the slinging of a small rock. But before we write this tale off as one of epic proportions (pun intended), let’s remember that God has the power to defy our expectations and logic. If we examine the truths behind this biblical narrative, we might just be confronted with the larger truth that with God, all things are possible.

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In our journey through The Story thus far, we’ve seen how the people of God found hope in the midst of dark times and victory when they never thought it possible, but we’ve also witnessed them challenge God, forget their faith and turn to war and destruction. It may be fair to say that God’s people have always had a few things in common: pain, questions and joy—sometimes all at the same time. Another piece of the human condition that we all share is the hunger for more—more money, more power, bigger house…. At times, and after trying unsuccessfully to satiate our hungers, we may even wonder if it’s possible to be truly satisfied. Join us for our new sermon series, Unsatisfied, as we explore the truth about what really satisfies the human heart and soul.


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