Youth Focus Group

Community United Methodist Church’s (CUMC) Community Outreach Group is in the process of speaking with area youth and young adults, aged 12 – 19, about their interests, needs, and wants in order to develop and deliver programs and activities that will be of greater interest to and improve engagement with our youth.

We are gathering this information using focus group sessions.  Specifically, we are speaking with and listening to a group of 6 – 8 individuals using Zoom meetings on a computer (with internet access) from participants’ homes. A trained adult moderator from CUMC will lead the meeting and discussions, which is also attended by a non-speaking adult recorder who transcribes ideas and feedback.  All comments are treated as anonymous.  These sessions will be held early Wednesday evenings or on a possible weekend, depending on participant availability.  The sessions are designed to last an hour or less.

For taking part in the session, the participant, you will receive a $20 gift card from us for taking part in the session after the session is completed. You must take part in the entire session (not to exceed one hour) to receive the gift card.

Once we know who is participating in the focus groups, we will mail the participant the date, time, a meeting invitation, and instructions on how to join and take part in the Zoom meeting.  After the focus group is finished, checks for participation will be mailed within five business days of completion of the focus group.

Thanks for your willingness to be a part of this valuable study!

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