Story and Stretch September 2022

Story & Stretch

The Story:  God Covenants with the World - Genesis 10-12:7  
Main Point:  God adapts.

Story & Song - Kickoff - Week 2


I Wonder Statement:  I wonder if you need to adapt, or change, how you're doing something right now in order to succeed...

Discussion Questions: 

  • What does it mean to adapt?
  • How have you adapted in the past?  What did you change in your life or help someone else change to make something better?
  • What ideas do you have to adapt something right now in your life?  What do you hope that change will improve?

Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for setting an example for us to adapt when something is not working.  Help me change my approach when I need to in order to succeed.

Music:  Nothing Ever (Could Separate Us) - check out a fun recording and dance moves from the composer, Ben Calhoun, of the band Citizen's Way HERE.

Story & Stretch

The Story:  In The Beginning -Genesis 1:1-2:4   
Main Point:  God created all things on purpose and for purpose.

Story & Stretch - Week 3

I Wonder Statement:  I wonder what God placed within you to share with the world...

Discussion Questions: 

  • What did it look like, sound like, or feel like when you pictured yourself being your best Self?

  • Do you think God just created everything randomly or do you think God created plants and animals and humans and all of creation a specific, organized way? 

Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for life!  Help me to find the best within me and share it with the world. 

Music:  Soul on Fire with Lars

Story & Stretch

The Story:  Jesus Turns Water Into Wine  John 2:1-12
Main Point:  Jesus used his special gifts to help others and so can each of us. 

Story & Stretch - Week 4

I Wonder Statement:  I wonder what special gift God gave you that you can use to help others...


  • Share what you think your special gifts are and how you can use them to help others.  

Prayer:  Dear God, thank you for giving me special gifts.  Help me use those gifts to help others. 

Music (join in with the dance moves):  Bulletproof from Bolt VBS Day 1 with Ben Calhoun from the Band Citizen’s Way


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