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Breakthrough Prayers


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Generous Creator, You are the origin of all that I have and all that is. You are the source of life, love, wisdom and true joy. Help me to find these things in you. Remove the distractions and temptations that keep me from focusing on what matters most. Enable me to earn all I can, that I might...

Animating Faith: Pixar Illuminates Scripture

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Loving Creator, Before I drew my first breath, you knew me, formed me and claimed me as your own. I yearn for my life to matter. I want to honor and glorify you. Animate my faith, that I might awaken to the continuing, creative work of your Spirit in my heart. Help me to further the mission of...

Spring/Summer 2019

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God of Grace, As spring gives way to summer, I am reminded of your never-ending desire to gift me with newness of life, abundant blessings and an ongoing relationship with Christ. Help me to cherish and make the most of each day, which includes prioritizing time with you. Break through and even...

The Story: Under Construction

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God of Wonder, I offer my praise and gratitude for your gift of forgiveness and the promise of resurrection. In this season of Easter, use me to bring signs of your hope and new life to the people around me. Break through any resistance I might have to the work of your Spirit in my life. Help...

The Story: The Heart of the Story

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God of the Incarnation, You came to live among your creation, teaching your truths, modeling compassion and offering the gift of salvation. As one inclined to walk in darkness, I thank you for birthing your light in my life. Compel me to love and care for my neighbors the way you do. Break...

The Story: Are We Listening?

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Creator God, Like a parent who loves and only wants the best for their child, you care for me. And like the independent and rebellious teen who “knows best,” I give more time and attention to my plans and desires than I give to you and your wisdom. Break through my heart and mind...

The Story: Unsatisfied

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O God, you are the Alpha and the Omega; the beginning and the end. The sun rises and sets because of you. You are the author of all that is and ever will be. Everything I am and everything I have is a result of your generosity, creative Spirit and love for me. In you, I place my gratitude. Why...

No Invitation Required

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Jesus, Emmanuel, The holiday season is always accompanied by a bit of chaos and too much to do. I pray that your Spirit will break through my heart, mind, schedule, shopping expeditions, baking, decorating, gift-wrapping and year-end deadlines, that I might be grounded in the faith you...

The Story: Victory Against All Odds

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Dear God, Though I often prioritize my own preferences and desires, your plans, dreams and hopes for me are ultimate story I want to live. When I think the odds are stacked against me, break through the narrative I tell myself, reminding me that Christ is the true source of my...

The Story: Hope in the Darkness

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Dear God, Though I often get caught up in my own story, yours is the grand narrative I want to claim. Break through my thoughts, words and deeds, enabling me to better listen for and sense the wisdom of your Spirit. Help Scripture to come alive for me as I encounter the biblical text. Remind me...


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