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Breakthrough Prayers

A New Hope

Posted by Ralph Holbrook on

Lord, thank you for understanding me, just as I am. Thank you for accepting me even when I am a hopeless case. Perfect people in a perfect world have no need of your gift of hope. With my eyes on you, I want to see life as you see it. I don’t want to waste time being...

Pray With Fire

Posted by Ralph Holbrook on

O Lord, You have mercy on all people, take away from me my sins, and mercifully set me ablaze with the fire of Your Holy Spirit. Search my soul, break my habits, inspired me to pray boldly, to pray powerfully, to pray with fire. Grant me a heart to love and adore You, a...

Fulfilling Your Commission

Posted by Ralph Holbrook on

Lord, We offer Community UMC to you! We are your people, and this is your church. We come seeking your vision and your purpose. We ask that you help us break through in new ways to love our neighbor and build relationship with all people. Pour out your Holy Spirit on us. Give us the vision...

Immeasurable Love

Posted by Ralph Holbrook on

Loving God,You love me with an immeasurable love. Thank you for seeing me in my struggle, knowing me intimately, and loving me for who I am. Forgive me for allowing my problems to seem bigger than you. I pray that I will be strengthened in in my soul with the love that is wider than I can...

Overcoming Obstacles

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Holy God, You are my rock and redeemer who faithfully goes before me. You have given me life and the choice to move forward with you or to allow my fears to hold me back. Amid an unknown future, you offer hope. You offer new life. Grant me the strength and courage to realize you are always...

A Resilient Faith

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Dear Jesus, You are the embodiment of resilience. When you saw people in need, you never questioned the opportunity to help and heal. When you were dismissed and betrayed, it didn’t stop you from speaking God’s truth. When you were mocked and inflicted with pain, you responded with...

Never Going Back

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Holy Spirit, come. Stir in my heart this day, that I may find comfort, support and a nudge from you to attend to the swirling changes in life with grace. While I might long to relive moments from my past, you call me to step forward and experience new life. Break through my insecurities, anxiety...

Love is the Way: Holding on to Hope in Troubling Times

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Loving God, Fill my heart with the love that you freely give. Make love my first and last thoughts. May I love others and freely give to them. Break through and make my spirit one of joy, happiness and love for my friends, those I struggle to consider my friends, the friends I have yet to meet...

Developing a Relationship with God: A Throwback to Psalms

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Dear God, You are the architect of the universe and more than I could possibly comprehend. And still, you desire a relationship with Me. ME!   (pause)   I want to know you and be known by you. I want our relationship to matter deeply. So break through the barriers that make...

Those Who Dream

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Ultimate Dreamer, I am in awe of your majesty and humility. Every day you dream up and continue the work of creation. This holiday season, plant your dreams in the womb of my spirit. Birth anew the dreams I have neglected. Infuse new life in my soul once more, that I might live in the rhythm of...


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